Ek deel myne…kom deel joune!

Hats off to all the boy mommies!

Boys are the Best!

I am a normal mom to three boys. (Yip, that means I live with four men 😉  boys…and no, I wasn’t prepared for this! So I read a lot

( I  shout and shake my head in disbelief often too!….but…it was obvious! I needed help !!!!  And urgently!)

(I take no credit for the following lists: It comes from Dr. James Dobson’s: Bringing up Boysa species I do not pretend to understand…but I can now say, as if I am an expert:

“ Yes, boys will be boys!”


What is the point of a super large snowball?

What is the point of a super large snowball?


(the lists were compiled by American nine yr. olds)


Boys can sit in front of a scary movie and not close their eyes once.

Boys don’t have to sit down every time they ‘go’.

Boys don’t get embarrassed easily.

Boys can go to the bathroom in the woods.

Boys can climb trees better.

Boys can hang onto their stomachs on fast rides.

Boys don’t worry about diet this and diet that.

Boys are better tractor drivers than girls.

Boys write better than girls.

Boys can build better forts than girls.

Boys can take pain better than girls.

Boys are way more cooler.

Boys have less fits.

Boys don’t waste their life at the mall.

Boys aren’t afraid of reptiles.

Boys shave more than girls.

Boys don’t do all those ‘wiggaly movements’ when they walk.

Boys don’t scratch.

Boys don’t braid each others’ hair.

Boys aren’t smart Alex’s.

Boys don’t cry and feel sorry when they kill a fly.

Boys don’t use as much deodorant.

Boys were created first.

Boys learn to make funny noises with their armpits faster.

Boys can tie better knots specially girls pony tails.

Boys get to blow up more stuff.

Without boys there would be no babies. (Now there is a new thought).

Boys eat with a lot of heart.

Boys don’t WINE.

Boys hum best.

Boys are proud of their odour.


A nine year old girl called Elizabeth put down the following as some of the reasons why she thought girls are  better than boys:


Girls chew with their mouths closed.

Girls have better hand writing.

Girls sing better.

Girls are more talented.

Girls can do their hair better.

Girls cover their mouths when they sneeze.

Girls don’t pick their nose.

Girls go to the bathroom politely.

Girls learn faster.

Girls are more kinder to animals.

Girls don’t smell as bad.

Girls are more smarter.

Girls get more things they want.

Girls don’t let ‘stinkers’ as much.

Girls are more quieter.

Girls don’t get as dirty.

Girls are cleaner.

Girls are more attractive.

Girls don’t each as much.

Girls walk more politely.

Girls aren’t as strict.

Girls sit more politely.

Girls are more creative.

Girls look better than boys.

Girls comb their hair better.

Girls shave more.

Girls put more deodorant on more often.

Girls don’t have as much body odour.

Girls don’t want their hair messed up.

Girls like to get more tan.

Girls have more manners.


I am ever so slightly biased (most of the time) that indeed boys ARE FAR MORE BETTER than girls!!!!

 Tell me: What do you think? (My friends always say boys  are easier than girls. I DON’T KNOW if I agree? (and I don’t have any girls!)


6 comments on “Hats off to all the boy mommies!

  1. Kameel
    Desember 7, 2012

    Wanneer een van my seuns in die huis ingekom het, het dit gevoel tien kinders kom saam in….. maar seuns maak definitief makliker groot as dogters. En mens jy gaan nie daardie bekommernis van ‘n haelgeweer tyd hê nie.

    • Loli Pretorius
      Desember 8, 2012

      Aai, vanoggend kan ek net sug, en my hande in die lug op gooi!!!!Dis tyd vir hare sny, en glo my, ons het al agter gekom, dis asof testosteroon aan hare sny gekoppel is?! Wanneer die hare waai….kom die testosteroon UIT 😆
      Waar’s daai haelgeweer??

  2. wenpooh68
    Desember 7, 2012

    Hi Loli, It’s Wendy Gill down & over in the US, Texas to be specific. I laughed reading the list of different opinions boys & girls have of each other. I’m also a mom of two boys, three if I count my husband & I like it! I don’t know if boys are easier to raise than girls, but my guess would probably be yes. I say this based on the fact that I’m the youngest of four daughters & I had no brothers. That may not be enough to justify my opinion, but it works for me. Entering into adulthood, I began to pray for who my future husband would be & the family we’d have, I only ask God to give me what He knew I could handle & take care of best. That may sound crazy to some, but I believe in Gods word when he said he hears our prayers & will give us the desires of our heart. With that, I believe this is truly why God has blessed me with two silly & wonderful sons, blessing I count each day!

    • Loli Pretorius
      Desember 8, 2012

      Hi Wendy! What a nice surprise. Thanks for stopping by this African girl’s site!!!! I have definitely made peace with the fact that I was meant to be a boy mommy. Recently , as my eldest is going through his 13th year, I have started feeling a bit sorry for myself? (Sho, the testosterone in my home is getting a bit out of sync with my feminine heart!!!!!) and yes….It is like living with four boys!!!!!!! So, I am a Christian and believe the Lord’s grace is sufficient,but today it’s me asking you….please pray for me these summer holidays (our school year starts in Jan) that I may RELAX and enjoy the men in my life..before I ..uhm….someone 😡
      Stop by again sometime, I am trying to do a few more English posts x

  3. Toortsie
    Januarie 8, 2013

    Ek was vir 7 jaar ‘n seuntjie-ma toe maak ‘n krulkopdogtertjie haar verskyning.Sy het my vroulikheid weer na vore laat kom.
    Seuns is Heerlik!!! Dogters is Heerlik!
    Wat vir my lekker is van die seuns, was dat as hulle die troppe maats huis toe gebring het, ek nie hoef te worry oor waar almal slaap nie…. net, WAT GEE EK OM TE EET????? En hulle is so maklik met die etery! Niks fancy kosse nie! Nee! Brood, Hot Dogs, Vleis, Eiers….. maklik!!

    • Loli Pretorius
      Januarie 8, 2013

      ‘n Goeie 2013 vir jou liewe Toorts! Dié ma se oudste gaan more hoërskool toe vir eerste keer, en my kniëe bewe lekker!
      Kyk, ek sien uit om skoondogters te hê? Hoop hulle eet nie fancy kosse nie 😉

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